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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dance of Death

Preston, Douglas, and Lincoln Child. Dance of Death. Another rather silly and rather fun novel from this team. I enjoy them, and I'm almost ashamed to say so as they are so far-fetched. Yet, for some reason, Agent Aloyious Pendergast appeals to me, and I'm perfectly willing to "suspend disbelief" and happily indulge myself in all of the far-fetched circumstances in their novels.

Diogenes, Agent Pendergast's evil brother, has developed an elaborate plot to take revenge on Aloyious. The result of years of preparation, his plan includes killing the limited number of people that Agent Pendergast cares about. Folks, this is a dysfunctional family at its gothic zenith; fabulously wealthy, inordinately intelligent, entirely weird, and frequently criminally insane, the Pendergast family is unique.

Some familiar characters make re-appearances, and it takes their combined efforts to prevent Diogenes from succeeding. Although The Museum of Natural History is involved once again, it plays a lesser role in this novel.

I like 'em and can't really explain why.

Fiction. Mystery/thriller. 2005. 451 pages.


  1. I do need to get back into reading these books. They are entertaining and fun. Great review, Jenclair.

  2. And why shouldn't you enjoy a good old far-fetched read every now and again? Especially over the holiday period. We have a Bear called Aloyious who wold love to read about his namesake. There is no Diogenes Bear, which given that he is the villain is probably a good thing. You don't want to be giving Bears ideas.

  3. I've heard good things about these books and authors. I really need to read one.

  4. L.F. - They are fun aren't they? And there is always another one in the offing...

    Table Talk - Well, actually, I guess I love a lot of far-fetched stuff -- especially fantasy and science fiction. And you CERTAINLY DON'T want to give Bears ideas about villainy!

    Booklogged -- These books are like M&M's...just one more is never enough.

  5. I am perfectly happy to read a good far-fetched story! This sounds like a very entertaining series.

  6. nymeth - I began with Relic years ago and have continued to read the series, although not always in order. They are a prolific pair!

  7. You know, I think I'd normally say these aren't my "typical" reads but you make the book sound so fun. I'm all for far-fetched stories as long as they are entertaining :)

  8. Iliana - They are certainly not believable, but they entertain me. :)