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Friday, March 28, 2008

Fairy Tale Origins, Interpretations, and Links

Carl sent me a link to Terry Windling's wonderful essay on Rapunzel. Although a long-time fan of Endicott Redux and Windling's art and essays, I had not read the essay which gave a recounting of the tale's history and transformations, some psychological insights into the story, and an excellent list for further reading.

She gives a positive review of Zel: "It's a taut, beautifully written novel and highly recommended." Her description of Touk's House by Robin McKinley is intriguing, a re-worked version of the Rapunzel tale that definitely sounds worth a read.

Carl also included a link to some of Windling's other articles and if you are reading fairy tales as part of the Once Upon a Time Challenge, you may find an essay on your character or tale.

Another of my favorite sites is SurLaLune fairytales. com. Where you can get tee shirts, book bags, etc. with images by the most famous illustrators of fairy tales. Check out the tote bags here. SurLaLune also gives annotated versions of many tales and also their history, modern interpretations, similar stories across cultures, etc.


  1. Oh ! What a great post ! I have always loved fairy tales - and the links you had were just wonderful !
    Happy weekend !

  2. Touk's House does sound interesting!

    I absolutely love both Endicott Studio and Surlalune. I have spent hours at both. I think they're the best resources out there for fairy tales lovers.

  3. Marie - These are wonderful places to visit aren't they?

    Nymeth - I like the sound of Touk's House and will be looking for it eventually. Right now, my hands are full (of books). :)

    Easy to spend more time than you account for at Endicott Studio and SurLaLune; so many links to follow and take advantage of!

  4. Probing some of the scholarship around the classic tales is always intriguing, I find. And in subsequent reading, there are always instances where references to the older stories come to my mind.

  5. Ooh I love those SurLaLune tote bags. I'm going to have to keep that site in mind for when I just need to have another bag - you can never have too many book bags :)