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Monday, December 18, 2006

Bah, Humbug!

I posted this on my other blog several weeks ago, I listened to it again this morning (feeling very Scrooge-ish and full of complaints) and decided to share it with you. It will make you laugh and put things in perspective. The Helsinki Choir does a masterful job of complaining about all of the irritating facts of life and makes me smile to think that all over the world, we all complain about the same small annoying things.

Now that I've finished cleaning up the leaves and mowing the yard for the last time this year, things are looking up. Not exactly Christmassy at 80 degrees, but closer.

Sooooo, now that I've recovered from the "Humbug" feeling, I'm going to do a post for Carl's G.I.F.T. Challenge. For many years now, we have decorated our tree with button hooks. These are some of the 130 or so that we have. They are all sizes from large ones of about 12 inches to the small ones of about 3 inches. Some are advertisements for shoe stores (there is only one in the photo above with the quarters). One is also used as a shoe horn (the pink one in the bottom of the other photo that I cut off). The tiny ones were used for buttoning baby clothes, collar buttons, or gloves. We hang them upside down by the hook with ribbons. Fee is out of town, and I'm waiting to do the tree when he comes home.

We bought our first one on our honeymoon and have been collecting haphazardly ever since. One year Fee suggested putting them on the tree, and the button hook tree is a treasured tradition. (If you read about these on my other blog, forgive me for subjecting you to a repeat!)


  1. That is a really interesting tradition! I love the way those look and it was a great idea to put the quarters in the picture to give some perspective as to the size. You should post a picture of your tree all decorated with these!

  2. These are beautiful! How creative of Fee to suggest putting them on the tree!!

  3. Carl - I'm waiting for him to get home. It is almost Christmas, I'd like some time to enjoy it!

    Heather - Thanks! I'm so glad he thought of it.

  4. Oh how cool! That's so interesting and different, I love it.

  5. I can't wait to see the picture of the tree. What a wonderful and creative idea. I like the sentimental attachment - buying your first one on your honeymoon.

  6. Bluestalking Reader - Thanks! It is different, but I do love having a way to display all of the button hooks.

    Cheya - And that particular one is so sweet with the little pink flowers painted on it. I've been trying to post a picture (today is Wed.), but no luck with blogger.

  7. What an interesting collection, and I love that you decorate your tree with them (I looked at the photo above, very nice!)

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Tumbled in by way of Collins (I love "Woman in White" and "The Moonstone") and just want to know: how did you come to buy a buttonhook on your honeymoon? And are the handles mostly bakelite? Lots of interesting-looking ones; I like that glass (?) one with the twisted thread of metal around it.

    Sheer rampant curiosity.

  9. Marley - We were stopping at various antique shops. We had next to no money, but we liked to look. The buttonhook was so sweet and only cost $8.00.

    Handles are bakelite, celluloid, plastic, ivory, bone, horn, pearl, tortoise...almost anything. The little one is a translucent natural material like quartz and has a copper wire.

    You are "no reply" so I hope you come back and read this. :)