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Friday, December 01, 2006

Favorite Reading Chair

When I visit Librarian Avengers, I often find something I like. For example, these chairs from popgadgets are fun and practical for a reader. So thanks to the Avengers, once again, for an interesting take on "my favorite reading chair."
What about your favorite reading chair? Or couch or spot? Is it the same all year round? I know in warm weather, I have a chair outside that sees a lot of service, but the faithful recliner sees me all year. Post a picture of your chair and leave a link here in the comments section so we can see the various seats of imagination. Here is a link to mine.


  1. "seats of imagination" - i like that. ;)

    mine is the humble throne in the toilet, i'm afraid. not because it's my favorite or anything, but simply because it's the only place where i'm guaranteed 5 minutes of undisturbed privacy. those 5 minute breaks add up, trust me, and i've become famously known as the most constipated person in the history of the world. [but then, i do manage to read a lot]

  2. Those are great fun! I have done as you asked and posted a picture of my reading chair in today's post. Here is a direct link to the picture:

  3. Nocturne - You must have small children! :)

    Carl - I was busy commenting on your blog while you were posting this. Love the huge ottoman and that you have lots of room for a variety of reading material. Thanks for sharing!

    Dorothy - Right next to the bookshelves - how convenient. Everything right at hand for reading or blogging. Thanks for the link!

  4. very small ones.