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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Netflix, Novels, and Santas

Last night, after an entire afternoon of Christmas shopping with Laddie and then dinner at his favorite Country Tavern, I came home and found Netflix had delivered Discs 1 and 2 of Firefly. It was a little after 7:00, so I found some hand work to do, pulled up the ottoman, turned on the lamp, arranged scissors, thread, & glass of diet coke, hi-jacked the throw from my "reading chair," and settled into the "sewing and television chair" -- for a delightful evening. (discovered this morning that Carl had also watched a little Firefly) Joss Whedon - love him!

After finishing the first Disc of Firefly, I read a little more on The Woman in White before going to bed. It has been so long since my first reading (not telling how many years!) that discovering over the last couple of days that this well-loved book still brings the same pleasure and suspense that it did all those years ago has been a source of joy. Danielle has Armadale by Wilkie Collins awaiting her, and Dark Orpheus commented that Armadale is her favorite Collins' work. So...when I finish The Woman in White (and some of the others in the stacks), I'll be on to acquiring copies and re-reading The Moonstone (and reading Armadale for the first time).

Just a preview of some of Fee's Santa's . He carved these (and probably 20 more several years ago, and they are part of our standard Christmas search. Where t0 put them all?


  1. The Santas are beautiful!

    And I love Firefly. Joss Whedon is a god. :-)

  2. Thanks, Deb! I do love his Santas.

    Just keep on creating with that quirky imagination, Joss!

  3. Firefly was great! I've passed around my DVD set to friends to get them all hooked too.

  4. I guess I am going to have to check this Firefly out! I love Wilkie Collins. I think I am going to have to move Armadale up in the pile (maybe after I finish Persuasion...) with all this talk about it! Loved the Moonstone, too!

  5. My youngest introduced me to Firefly and also the final movie, Serenity. Really fun science fiction that kept me guessing.

  6. Love the Santas. Bet it's fun every year pulling them out and searching for places to put them. Fun memories and traditions. So glad to hear the good things about Wilkie Collins. I'm going to read my first one in January. Very excited.

    I don't know Firefly either. I have so much to learn. Signed up for Netflix and received my first 2 movies Sat.

  7. After you've watched Firefly and then the movie Serenity (which ties up the series), feel free to trip on over to my site and read my fanatical ravings on both the series and the movies. I can get you links if you're interested.

  8. Angela - I'm using Netflix right now, but may end of purchasing the Firefly series because it one of the few that I would really enjoy watching on a whim whenever I want.

    Danielle - Firefly is a mix of Science Fiction and the Wild West. The characters are fascinating and each episode is better than the one before. You'd enjoy them.

    Jill - Such a shame that the series was canceled. But thank goodness for the opportunity to have it on DVD.

    Booklogged - I'll post more pictures of some of the Santas later. They are very dear to me.

    You'll love Netflix and do try Firefly!

    Carl - Oh yes, this would be right up your alley, Carl. And I would love to hear your ravings when I get through!

  9. Have you seen the Out of Gas ep of Firefly yet? That's my favorite. I love that show.

    And I love your Santas!

  10. sfp - No, but I should be getting the next 2 discs today or tomorrow. And then Serenity. :)