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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Book of Fate

Meltzer, Brad. The Book of Fate. Wes Holloway, a presidential aide is wounded in an assassination attempt. President Manning survives the attempt, but his deputy chief of staff, Ron Boyle is killed. Holloway whose own serious injuries have left his face terribly disfigured, must deal with his own injuries, long recovery, and shattered appearance...and his cripplingly guilt at having included Boyle in the president's car at the last minute.

Eight years later (just realized eight years was the time that elapsed in Killer Weekend as well), Holloway, accompanying the former president on a trip to Malaysia, believes he has encountered a surgically altered Ron Boyle. Receiving help from an old friend and unexpectedly, from a local gossip columnist, Wes begins unraveling a complicated conspiracy.

Quick read. O.K. Far-fetched doesn't quite cover the plot and some of the characters. The first person recounting of Wes' story felt artificial, the elaborate contrivances of "The Three" and the codes and ciphers, the Free Masonry angle seem too much. The manipulation of Nico, his escape from prison, well...a bit hard to swallow.

While I kept seeing italic question marks and exclamation points in my head as I read this novel, I have to admit to being moderately entertained.

Fiction. Mystery/thriller. 2007. 616 pages.


  1. Brad Meltzer is another author I hope to someday try. Do you think I'll ever actually read all the authors I want to read? My list seems to keep growing and growing. Have you read other books by him? Any you would recommend in particular?

  2. L.F. - I heard this author in an NPR author interview, and he seemed so personable and amiable. The book was entertaining, but the premise was way out there and the whole thing felt contrived. An unbelievable premise doesn't bother me if the author can keep me so entertained that I don't question it, but it didn't happen here. I don't think I'll actively seek another of his books, but would have no problem reading another one.