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Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, I finally finished reviewing my backlog of books, all of which were read in May and the first week of June. For the last two weeks, I've been busy with a lot of things and have not felt the usual reading compulsion, a strange kind of bio-rhythm my brain goes through every once in a while.

I am almost finished with Sword & Blossom by Peter Pagnamenta & Momoko Williams. It is nonfiction, and although there is not a lot of action, I find the story of the British soldier and Japanese woman fascinating both from the personal and from the historical aspect. Another one from FSB Associates and Anna Suknov, who send me lots of excellent nonfiction. I've been reading this one slowly for the week or so, but the conclusion is approaching, and I hope to review it tomorrow or the next day.

I've stuck to my intention of limiting purchases and library visits, and only have about 3 left to finish before I can begin again. All are nonfiction, which are always slower reads, so I might have to supplement with some good fiction.

Still dealing with my temperamental prima donna of a computer. She sulks, and I whine.


  1. Only 3 books!?!?! I commend your commitment!

    Hope your computer gets over being tempermental soon.

  2. "She sulks and I whine." My deepest and most sincere sympathies. There are just those days with technology that are enough to make a grown woman weep. You are actually dealing with it *very* well.

  3. I have a copy of the same book as well that I hope to start reading this weekend. I am also a slower NF reader. This one looks interesting, though, so hopefully it won't take me too long.

  4. just caught up on things! I have the daily habit of clicking on bayou quilts but there hasn't been a new post for a bit and this morning I (finally) had the good idea to check 'the garden' - well duh! why didn't I think of this a week ago! I won't make that mistake again! thanks for all good head's up on books - what to follow up on and what to avoid (I will abandon abandon) there's so many books and so little time...although I admire you for sticking with the book and finishing it...but to write a review you must finish, I have the luxury of abandoning books if they continue to disappoint! luckily all my selections of late have been winners.... good to get caught up on things, altho' I'm sorry to hear about continuing probs with the computer.... I hate those issues!

  5. Carl - 3 left in that particular stack. There were 8 originally. Of course, I've been supplementing as well with books that I have, but that weren't in my MUST read stack... I make deals with myself, then cheat. :/

    Jill - Thanks for the sympathy!

    danielle - I've finished Sword & Blossom now--and really enjoyed it...but I'm a history buff. Circumstances dictated that this one only got read in short segments, but I looked forward to them.

    kimy - Hey, girl! Yes, I've had limited computer time and the computer doesn't always cooperate when I do have time. I did stick with this novel; mainly because that NPR review had stuck with me, and I felt I had a commitment. However, I do "abandon" :) books occasionally.

    I have cycles when everything in my stack pleases me, and times when several books will leave me cold. I'm glad your recent selections have been winners!

  6. Am glad you are well. I think it is satisfying to catch up with intended reads and then begin a new cycle. Hope you are enjoying time in your garden, reading or stitching or just dreaming in your pajamas ...

  7. acey - As to the garden--it's a jungle out there! We've had so much rain that my paths are disappearing and growth is rampant. I haven't done much stitching, although I'm trying to finish a few pieces now, and so haven't had much to post on Bayou Quilts.

  8. can you send some of that rain up north! we'd happily take it, unfortunately the weeds in my garden seem to thrive regardless!

  9. kimy - I wish I could share! The grass grows by leaps and bounds, but finding a day dry enough to mow has become a challenge. Our last couple of years have been so dry that this has come as a surprise. Flood or drought seems to be the situation...