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Friday, June 08, 2007

Computer Woes

Computer is still freezing up. It behaves normally for a few minutes, then freezes, and I lose connection to Firefox. Replying to emails is difficult to impossible, I've lost several comments that I've tried to make responding to your comments. Arggghh!

I've got 6 books to review: the 3 Allingham mysteries, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales, Abandon by Pico Iyer, and Killer Weekend by Ridley Pearson.

Right now, though, I'm going to give it a rest, close it down, unplug it, and hope it recuperates!


  1. I like the sound of these titles. I hope you get to post your reviews soon. Nothing worse than a computer with an attitude.

  2. Computer problems can be so frustrating. I hope you are able to get your computer to behave soon for sanity's sake. I look forward to reading your reviews.

  3. Everyone can understand the mercilessness of technology. At times, I think we all wish it would disappear.

  4. I hope that your computer gets better. :-)

    I will be back soon to comment more...must sleep. :-)

  5. Framed- I finally got my first review (or 3 in 1 - as they are all by the same author) posted this morning. Whew!

    LF - Computers are especially frustrating when you know so little about them. I have friends who can correct all of their problems, but not me! Nothing I try seems to do much good, so this morning I was surprised to be able to post!

    Jill - It is definitely a love/hate relationship, isn't it? We become so dependent on technology, but it can be so complicated!

    Bluest Butterfly - Hope you've gotten caught up on your sleep!

  6. Hmmm ... I've been having issues with Firefox freezing up on me lately and having to shut down manually and restart. I wonder if it's a browser problem?

  7. Lesley - Since it seems to have cleared up on its own, it may have been. However, it pretty much shut me down for over a week and caused great anxiety :\