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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Visit My Individual Take on the Subject to view a remarkable video on women in fine arts.

I still have 2-3 books to review and am back to reading Flannery O'Connor's letters which have been set aside for too long. I'm also still trying to catch up with all the blogs I've been missing.

The daylilies have been gorgeous this year.


  1. Isn't that morphing video wonderful?!!? I want a list of all the paintings so I can find them and check them out in more detail.

  2. Wow, are those all from your garden? They're gorgeous!

  3. I've seen that video in several places, and I watch it every single time I run into it again! Isn't it amazing?

    Love the daylilies. I had tons of those at my old house.

  4. Carl - I loved it and am in awe of how smoothly each one transformed!

    Chris - Thanks! I love gardening and have posted more about it on my other blog. My goal is to have almost nothing to mow...I'm almost there!

    Dewey - It really is an amazing video! Daylilies are so easy and dependable and provide such a show...I adore them.

  5. Your daylilies are gorgeous!

  6. If I would have read this post first I would have found out what you'll be reading after the fantasy challenge.

    The video was awesome. And your daylilies are beautiful. Mine are just starting to shoot up little buds, nothing opening yet.