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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Busy and a Book to Share --

I've continued to work on my Complaint-Free Challenge and although I do slip up, I'm still doing pretty well and feel that I may be getting close to establishing the habit.

Projects, projects, projects! Those are just a few of the things I've been working for the last 5-6 weeks. And the birthday/Winter Solstice/Advent gifts for Fee, one gift for each day until his birthday on December 22. And the baby quilt for our new grand baby who should arrive next week. Bayou Quilts has been busy lately.

Finished (and what a pleasure to finish something considering all the works I have in progress) D.J. Taylor's Kept last night. I didn't want to have it end, but I had delayed and savored until there was nothing left to do but read those final pages, and now at least, there is a feeling of satisfaction in completion. Will review it later.

Since Amy was generous enough to send me Peter Robinson's Friend of the Devil (reviewed here), I would be happy to send it on to someone else. If you are interested, just leave a comment and on Friday, I'll draw a name and send it on!


  1. I am glad you enjoyed Kept, Jenclair. I look forward to reading your review. :-)

  2. Glad to hear you liked Kept--that was one of the best Victorian pastiches I've come across! I have two quilt tops that I'd love to finish--one for my mom, but I've come the conclusion I am not a good quilter. Piecing is fine, but the quilting part I am not good at. I'm contemplating finding someone I can pay to do it for me. It would be so nice to give it to her for Christmas.

  3. I've recently picked up a copy of Will Bowen's A Complaint Free World and it looks really interesting. I'm actually also thinking maybe I should try it. Goodness knows I should work on my habit of whining and complaining. :)

  4. Looking forward to that review.

    I am trying really hard to be more positive and less negative at work, especially since that is the attitude I want to see from my employees.

  5. Jenclair, I've so enjoyed reading your posts on Kept. It's one I look forward to reading for myself someday soon.

    Yes, please add my name to the drawing. Friend of the Devil sounds right up my alley. I mean that I like mysteries, not that I'm a friend of the devil.

  6. Those little outfits are so cute! You are busy :)
    I've added Kept to my wishlist. Oh and please throw my name in for the Peter Robinson book.

  7. L.F. -- I certainly did enjoy it and must write the review soon!

    Danielle -- Kept really was a fun excursion into the Victorian period. Drama, humor, characters!

    Large quilt tops are difficult. I know some people quilt them on their regular machines, but many also pay a quilt shop or someone with a long arm machine to do the quilting. My husband recently had some ladies at a church (someone told him about them) to hand quilt two tops his mother made. They use a big frame and all work together like a quilting bee.

    Orpheus -- I'll be interested in your opinion of the book. I know that my efforts to omit complaining have helped me be more positive about things in general.

  8. Carl -- I've already said so much about it that the review will probably be quite short...and yet, I'm still delaying.

    Booklogged -- I'm going to looking for more D. J. Taylor. Hope you get around to Kept soon.

    Well, we often like the same mystery series so I think you would enjoy Friend of the Devil. Peter Robinson is one of my favorite mystery authors.

    iliana -- Awww, thanks! So much fun to do. Your name is in the pot. I probably won't get around to it until late as Friday is going to be hectic.

  9. Your committment to being complaint-free is an inspiration. I've really got to keep that intent at the front of my mind - I've haven't been so good at it lately.

  10. Melanie-- I was doing so well with this challenge, and it was making a great difference in my attitude. However, I've been slipping myself lately and need to make a bigger effort!