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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Wheel of Darkness

Preston, Douglas, and Lincoln Child. The Wheel of Darkness. If you are a fan of these two prolific writers, you will enjoy this one. Every bit as fantastic as previous books with Agent Aloyious Pendergast. A bit of mystery, a bunch of supernatural.

I have evidently missed the last two in this series (Dance of Death and The Book of the Dead) and will have to catch up on them, but didn't feel that the lack really affected reading The Wheel of Darkness.

In many ways, these books are pretty silly, but I find them fun and they read fast. I've been an avid fan since a student - at least 10 years ago - not only suggested that I read Relic, but to be sure, handed me his copy. When I returned the book, he actually quizzed me to be sure I'd read it. I may laugh at my guilty pleasure in such nonsense, but I do so with book in hand.

Any other fans of this series?

Fiction. Mystery/supernatural. 2007. 385 pages.


  1. I have not read this series, Jenclair. However, it circulates a lot in our library.

  2. I've heard good things about Preston and Lincoln, but haven't yet read any of their work. It sounds fun.

  3. Kay - To say the books are far-fetched is an understatement, but they are entertaining.

    Booklogged - They really are not realistic, but yes, they are fun.

  4. These authors--they all write too fast for me to keep up! Haha I love Agent Pendergast, but I have yet to read more than three books with him in them. I need to get cracking! I am glad to hear that Preston and Child are still on top of their game.

  5. Do you think they have to be read in order? I have one of their books, but it is not book one. I was just going to read it to see if I like them.

  6. They are one of my all time favorite author pairs! I read ALL of their books and they never fail to satisfy !

  7. L.F. - This pair certainly write fast, both together and separately, they turn out an amazing number of books!

    Kailana - I don't think it is necessary. Some have connections to the previous books, but some are pretty much stand alone. Even the ones that are connected don't require knowledge of the previous books. Evidently The Wheel of Darkness is the third in a group of 3 that deals with Pendergast and his brother, but I had no difficulty withit.

    Marie -- :) They are fun, aren't they? I really wonder if when they wrote Relic, they intended for Special Agent Pendergast to lead them through eleven more books.

  8. definitely will check these out. remind me of another interesting collect of books (and series) by kay hooper which combine the supernatural and mysteries.

  9. Definitely a guilty pleasure, but I love these authors. I've read all of their books and am just waiting for the latest one to come out in paperback. I'm geeky and I'm proud of it. What really is amazing is that my husband reads them as well. Enough of a Sherlock Holmes flavor to them I guess. Happy New Year and love your new book-brain ornament.

  10. kimy - I haven't read anything by Kay Hooper and will have to check her out.

    Tonya - Oh, another fellow fan! The student who introduced me to to Relic years ago was male, and several of his friends had also read it. The series appeals to both genders...which is nice because then you can talk about them or refer to them. Happy New Year!

  11. You absolutely must read them in order. Here it is:

    Relic1 (1995)

    Reliquary1 (1997)

    The Cabinet of Curiosities (2002)

    Still Life with Crows (2003)
    Brimstone2 (2004)

    Dance of Death2 (2005)

    The Book of the Dead2 (2006)

    The Wheel of Darkness (2007)

    1. Also features Margo Green, a natural history museum curator in New York City.
    2. The Diogenes Trilogy

  12. annemarie -- I've read the 1st four and those were in order. Wheel of Darkness was after skipping 3! I had not realized I'd skipped that many.

    Must get on those that I've missed.

  13. There isn't a Preston/Child title that I haven't liked. I especially like how they always manage to give snippets and updates about characters from previous titles.

  14. annie -- They are fun, aren't they?