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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tips for Quilters

Pellman, Rachel. Tips for Quilters: A Handbook of Hints, Shortcuts, and Practical Suggestions from Experienced Quilters. I've read through this one from front to back and taken notes of tips that I found beneficial. Not much really new here, but I did enjoy reading it - a little at a time - and flagging pages where I found useful tips and shortcuts.

The only real problem with the book is the repetition. Pellman asked for hints, tips, etc. from quilters across the country and evidently received great response, as a result, many of the tips are repeated, sometimes in almost the same words. Another point to consider is that the book was published in 1993, and quilting has take a number of new directions with the increased interest in art quilts, heavy and unusual embellishment, mixed media approaches, new techniques, and new products.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed and profited from Tips for Quilters, and for a new quilter, the book would be especially useful -- answering any number of questions that arise about templates, marking and cutting fabric, applique, preparation for quilting, needles and thimbles and quilting techniques, etc.

Nonfiction. Quilting/Instructional. 1993. 234 pages.

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