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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vivaldi's Music

Several days ago I posted a review of Vivaldi's Virgins and the author Barbara Quick left a comment and a link to her website which does a better job of giving information about the Ospedale della Pieta, Anna Maria, and Vivaldi. The best part is that you can download some of the music mentioned in the novel which gives you greater appreciation of the accomplishments of the young women in the Coro. My very favorite is 14 Concerto in re minore, which goes from calm and stately to a marvelously exciting violin section! And the Sonata Op 2 or the Six Violin Sonatas.


  1. Vivaldi was always one of my favourite to play on the violin; he tends to repeat the same theme in new ways quite a bit, so once you've mastered the basics, it's easy to learn new pieces! Thanks for the link-I'll have to go check some of them out. :D (and Happy New Years!)

  2. Eva - Hope you enjoy them; you will know much more about the music than I do as I am just an avid listener and play no instrument. If I could, however, it would be either the violin or the cello. Happy New Year to you, too!