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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hunting Fear

Hooper, Kay. Hunting Fear. Kim at Mouse Medicine recommended this author. The novel is the first in a trilogy (Chill of Fear, Sleeping with Fear), but also part of a larger series that features psychic special agents, members of Noah Bishop's FBI Special Crimes Unit.

In this novel, Lucas Jordan, FBI profiler and psychic, must stop a serial kidnapper, whose victims die even when the ransom is paid. Samantha, a carnival fortune teller and genuine seer, is one of the early suspects and has a background with Luke Jordan, as well.

Fast paced and suspenseful, this paranormal mystery is a page-turner. My first experience with Hooper was a positive one. Far-fetched, but a thrilling read.

Fiction. Mystery/suspense. 2004. 338 pages.


  1. Jenclair, I've read a couple of Kay Hooper's books. I keep meaning to get back to them. I liked the ones I read.

  2. I've got a Kay Hooper book around here, somewhere, but I don't think it's paranormal - this one sounds great. I'll have to remember that she's written a paranormal, for the future. Thanks. :)

  3. Kay - I intend to see what other books the library has and hope I can read this trilogy in order.

    Bookfool - This book was great for escape. Hooper makes the paranormal and psychics FBI agents seem almost possible.

  4. hooper has written some romantic historical fiction too - not really my cuppa tea.

    the stop your killing me website is great in cataloging mysteries for those like me who are a bit compulsive when reading series.

    but that being said, I am currently reading one of the preston & child books - the cabinet of curiosities - was the one that came in first from the library. am totally hooked! thanks so much for the lead.... I actually have two mysteries going now which I normally avoid, but both came in at the same time and you know how that can be!

    the other mystery is set in seattle and has a totally zany cast of characters!have you read the g.m. ford leo waterman series? definitely a popcorn read - fast and addictive!

  5. kimy - I need to check that web site! Hope you continue to enjoy The Cabinet of Curiosities; it wasn't my favorite for some reason.

    Must try the Leo Waterman series; I'm not familiar with that one, but it sounds good!

  6. Kay Hooper's Hunting series is terrific. I highly recommend all of the titles in the series.

  7. annie - I plan to continue with the series and read the 3 in the "Evil" series as well!