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Monday, April 21, 2008

Death Walked In

Hart, Carolyn. Death Walked In.

6 word synopsis: Bookstore owner involved in murder - again!


A readable mystery about the owner of Death on Demand mystery bookstore. Annie and Max find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation involving stolen Double Eagle gold coins.

Fiction. Mystery. 2008. 293 pages.


  1. I've read this series for years and enjoyed it. I've also been wondering if it is getting a little stale. Have an arc of this one. Will get to it eventually. Best part about these books is the bookstore (who wouldn't like to have thatk?) and guessing about the paintings.

  2. Kay - This was an ARC I received quite a while back and have just gotten around to reading. I did enjoy it, and it fits well into that category of mystery "lite."

    I can never get the paintings because I've often never read many of the authors, much less the specific books, but I like that little device. And would LOVE it, if I could really name them.

    Once, I made a list of all the authors she mentions (and as you know, she mentions a lot of authors) and was going to read a bunch of them that were unfamiliar to me...but who knows what happened to that list!

  3. I've read several of the books in this series and have enjoyed them, but I don't think I'll ever get around to reading them all. I think what I enjoy more than anything else is the fact that the books are set in a bookstore at the beach!

  4. Well, you know, I'm not sure I've gotten many of the paintings. I did better on THE CHRISTIE CAPER (which is my favorite of this series) because I had read so many Agatha Christie novels.

    I'm amazed at how many mystery authors that Carolyn Hart manages to insert into those books. I've read that she does this on purpose and it is her way of plugging for new authors and giving a helping hand to them. Very nice I think and I've been impressed with her.

    I would like to own that bookstore!

  5. Lisa - I like the setting, too! The mystery bookstore and the island - sounds great to me!

    Kay - It is nice to think she plugs new authors. I like her all the better for that generous attitude!

  6. I've heard some good things about this series - sounds like it could be a fun cozy. I'll have to check it out.