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Friday, April 04, 2008

An Ice Cold Grave

Harris, Charlaine. An Ice Cold Grave. While I am not a fan of Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series (I know, please forgive this lapse in judgement), I have enjoyed the novels in Harris' Harper Connolly series. Struck by lightening as an adolescent, Harper developed the strange and unnerving ability to sense the dead. She and her step-brother Tolliver travel the country locating dead bodies and revealing the causes of death.

This unique talent does not always engender positive feelings, but does solve a lot of puzzling deaths. When called to Doraville, North Carolina, Harper locates the missing young man she was called in to find, but discovers more young men buried in the same area. The horror of this serial killer's burial ground causes greater than usual emotional distress, and then, as Harper and Tolliver are preparing to leave town, she is attacked and injured.

An Ice Cold Grave is full of suspense and a very fast read. The only thing I didn't like was the one graphic sex scene. Even though it was a small part of the novel, I really don't care for this sort of thing and hope the next in the series avoids any more such digressions--because I do like this series.

Fiction. Mystery/supernatural. 2007. 280 pages.


  1. I do like the Sookie series but just read one of the Aurora Teagarden books and wasn't wowed by that one. I would like to give this series a try though - I like the premise.

  2. This sounds like the right-up-my-alley kind of creepy (not the scare-me-to-death kind, like 'We Need to Talk About Kevin').

  3. This is one of the two series by the author I have yet to read yet, but I do hope to. I really enjoy the Southern Vampire series and her Lily Bard series.

  4. I keep meaning to read something by Harris and I will get around to it soon I promise! All the series she has have had good reviews mostly and I like the premise of this one.

  5. Iliana - I like this one. Funny, though, the Sookie Stackhouse series has places that are local, including Shreveport, Ruston, Monroe.

    raych - No, definitely not We Need to Talk About Kevin!

    LF - There are only two in the Harper Connolly series so far, I think. I enjoyed them both.

    Rhinoa - Harris is a prolific writer and has such different series. Hope you find at least one you like!