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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Flaw in the Blood

Barron, Stephanie. A Flaw in the Blood.

6 word synopsis: What did Victoria know? Poor Albert!

Grade: A

Intriguing hypothesis. Includes a number of nonfiction source materials that I'd like to follow up on. As I told Amelia, Erin, and Holly, I will never look at Victoria in the same light; I know the book is fiction, and yet...

Fiction. Historical Mystery. 286 pages.

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  1. I also have this one to read. Your review (think the 6-word review is quite brilliant) makes me want to pick it up soon.

    Have your read any of her other Jane Austen series?

  2. Kay - I've read a couple of the Jane Austen series and enjoyed them. This one, however, is not the cozy J.A. type of book. I was surprised at the difference in style, but quite pleased at Barron's flexibility.

    This novel was a fascinating take on the situation; I could, perhaps, have labeled it as alternate history because her plot, backed by extensive research is certainly provocative. It isn't exactly that I believe it, but the use of Victoria's own words from letters, etc., make it more plausible than I would have initially thought.

  3. Oh, this one sounds good!

  4. That sounds really intriguing. I think my copy may need to go to the head of the stack. Thanks for the expanded info.

  5. I've started a wishlist at LibraryThing so I can see the covers as well as the titles and who recommends the book. This cover and title and your review have captured my attention. Love those Victorian mysteries.

  6. Lisa - It was certainly interesting!

    Kay - I do hope you enjoy it when you get to it!

    Booklogged - I like the cover, too. It is a different take on the Victoria/Albert love affair and on the genetic flaw.

  7. This is one I definitely want to read. I tried one of her Jane Austen mysteries and just never felt very compelled to follow up with the series but this one is calling my name :)

  8. You have me really curious about this one, Jenclair...on the list it goes. Thanks.

  9. I wasn't quite sure about this one, but I think I will have to read it now.

  10. ohhhhh....followed the link and sounds wonderful - much thanks for the head's up off to put it on hold. I often like nothing better like a good historical mystery.

    a few days ago I finished wheel of darkness - preston and child better get on the stick and get another pendergast book out! I love the increasing role of constance in the last couple of the series...I do thank you for giving me the head's up on this series!

  11. Iliana - A totally different view of Victoria and Albert!

    Sam - Hope you like it, Sam! It makes you very curious about several aspects of that particular situation.

    Danielle - The first chapter is a bit confusing, but boy, do things begin to arouse your curiosity!

    kimy - I've read a bit about Victoria and her background situation before, but the novel introduces some information that I wasn't familiar with and would like to research. Was John Conroy more than just the Comptroller of the Household?

    Glad you've enjoyed the Preston / Child series!