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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I'm not sure what is going on with me.

I was reading, but not blogging.

Now, I'm not reading, but blogging.

But not reviewing.

I don't feel so bad about that, however, after reading Bookfool's list of books to be reviewed. :)

Reviewing aside, my books in progress list is pretty chilling. Let's go through the drill:

1) Oh, this looks interesting. Worth a try. This one, too.

2) Hmmm, just found this one under a stack of 7; let's see, I think I started it 2 months ago. Forgot about it. Move to "in progress" stack.

3) Just arrived from Amazon - a book that I had looked forward to. Five pages in...maybe later. Maybe never.

4) ARC books...what did I do or say to indicate that all I wanted to read was self-help? I may need an occasional positive thinking book, but not 15. Nor do I really want to read about someone's suicide, so put it in the stack titled "What do I do with these books? Who could I give them to?" Would they take it as an insult?

5) I like this one, but only for a chapter at a time...then let's have a little mystery or fantasy time.

6) Oh, I've finished all the mystery and fantasy. Schedule library trip.

7) This biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth is terrific. I love reading about smart, witty women. Background on Teddy is interesting, too.

8) A little Pratchett. Smile.

9) Two more unsolicited ARC's from different publicists yesterday. Goody, goody! Oh, one is another self-help! Still, the other is a good possibility.

10) Hold it! What about the long list of those that I've already started? The "in progress" stack? Discipline. Must. Practice. Some. Discipline.

Do not begin another book until having finished some of the "in progress" stack OR AT LEAST until I've written reviews of those that are already overdue at the library. The ones I didn't return with the others because I had not reviewed them.

11) Learn to admit that I have abandoned some books. Move from "in progress" to "abandoned" stack.

I think I'll sew instead.

I know I've been absent here, but I've been busy over at Bayou Quilts, playing with fabric and thread.


  1. I hear you, Jenclair. It's kinda weird how those little cycles develop and then seem to take over for a while.

    For a while now I've been in one of those cycles where I have nothing to review for a few days and then, because I'm usually in and out of half a dozen books at a time, I end up finishing three or four books on the same day...suddenly resulting in several reveiws needing to be done.

    I thought that would be a fluke occurrence but it's happened to me three times in a row now...need to break out of that cycle, for sure.

    Hey, the sewing looks very worthwhile, giving you something to show for your time...always a good thing. I used to relax, especially during my long, sleepless nights in the Sahara Desert by doing cross stitch work but have fallen out of the habit in the last few months. I need to do some of that again because it always leaves me with a productive feeling, a sense of having accomplished something tangible.

  2. It's not like you aren't keeping busy even if you are not reading. :-) I'm trying to catch up on my reading, which seems like an ongoing process. It's not one I mind until I look at all those review books I still need to read and review. Being a one book at a time sort of gal who can sometimes juggle two, it slows down the process a bit.

  3. Bookfool is actually skipping those reviews entirely and offering up the chance to ask questions (because that's about all I'm willing to write)!

    I think it's just the heat. It's hard to focus on anything. The fact that you're accomplishing so much with your sewing is amazing, to me. I keep looking around the house, thinking, "I don't want to do anything at all that I have to do. But, there's nothing I really want to do, either. Except maybe sleep." What a bum.

    I don't get unsolicited ARCs -- just titles I choose. I think if they're unsolicited, there's no need to worry about them. Pass them on, guilt-free. Maybe you can find a place to donate them. I offer up some of my books for drawings, but the rest go in book boxes that are passed around to friends in a book group or are donated to our library's perpetual sale corner. ARCs are snapped up in nothing flat. I like knowing they're finding new homes. :)

  4. I've decided to just go with one word:



    Read, blog, exercise, play, cook, eat, garden, nap, socialize, clean, smile.

    It's summer. I know I'll read more when it gets cold. And I'll have plenty to choose from. :)

  5. I love number 6. I've finished all the mystery and fantasy, let's go to the library. Add in children's literature and that's me down to the ground.

  6. Sam -I recognize that cycle! Everything seems to go in cycles -- blogging, having something to blog about, reading, sewing, energy level, interest...

    :) Sewing, particularly any kind of hand sewing, is almost as useful as meditation for relaxing. I can certainly see that cross stitch would be a great activity in tedious circumstances. If the hands are busy, the mind is less susceptible to boredom, so I like to have something with me for situations that involve waiting.

    bookfool - Sounds like a plan! I went through several days of that heat-induced apathy. It is rare and kind of shocking when reading doesn't seem to provide satisfaction.

    I used to get emails asking if I'd be interested in specific books, then packages of ARCs just started arriving - with a wide variety of genres and of quality. It IS time for a give-away, though!

    Les - :) True! Balance is key. I tend to become immersed in things during (oops, there is that word again) cycles! I do try to hit most of the things on your list at least once a day...except for cooking. Left overs are great!

    Ann - The Invention of Hugo Cabret is waiting for me (a reward if I behave myself). AND since my five-year-old granddaughter is coming for a visit before starting kindergarten - I've already scheduled a visit to our great children's section at the library!

  7. This was a cute post jenclair and I think one we can all relate to! I seem to be having a harder time doing regular blog visits lately (I blame it all on the heat - I just want to chill out with cool drinks & books) and before I know it, my bloglines are exploding with unread posts. Eek!
    Anyway, I love your sewing projects... the little girl in blue dress is adorable. Hope you enjoy your next visit to the library!

  8. I am very familiar with your list of how there gets to be so many book sin progress. I love the girl in red and green with the electric hair!

  9. iliana- It really is too hot! Maybe we will feel more inclined when the weather cools off.

    stefanie - Sometimes there are really too many books from which to choose! Thanks, I enjoy doing the wild-hair girls!