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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Sorcerers' Plague

Coe, David B. The Sorcerers' Plague.

6 words: A plague spreads. Revenge at work.

As a child, Licaldi witnesses the deaths of her family and village; 64 years later, she begins her revenge against the race she holds responsible.

Besh, a village elder, is concerned when Licaldi disappears from his village -- without fully knowing why. When he reads the journal of the woman who took Licaldi in and raised her all those years ago, his fear increases, and when he suspects Licaldi of spreading a plague to avenge herself against the people she blames for the deaths of her family, Besh decides he must, even at his own advanced age, be the one who prevents Licaldi's terrible vengeance from continuing.

I wasn't all that taken with this fantasy, perhaps because so many of the characters introduced quickly fell victim to the plague. I didn't like being introduced to characters who appear to have a role to play only to discover that their roles are solely as victims.

Fiction. Fantasy. 2007. 393 pages.


  1. what I do find interesting is that the main characters are old ! Other than the ocassional wizard when's the last time the main characters weren't either young orphans or (age unknown) but not "old"?

  2. DesLily - I agree. I do think that is an interesting approach, but because so many characters are introduced, Licaldi and Besh don't actually get any more "air time." Their roles are vital to the plot, but their appearances are not the dominant part of the novel.