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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Magic of Twilight

Farrell, S. L. A Magic of Twilight.

6 words: Neither awful nor awesome. Over-complicated names/titles.

Characters never really come off the page. Some interesting elements, but I didn't really care for this world... I mean, this world and its characters never really captured me or made me truly concerned for the individuals or about the events. Not sure exactly why it missed...

Fiction. Fantasy. 2008. 526 pages.


  1. And such a long book for not coming to life for you! That's too bad. At least you didn't find it awful. :-) It's not a book or author I am familiar with.

  2. Jenclair,

    I need to ask a favor. Blogger has locked me out of Book Chase because some software program tells it that my blog is a spammer. I have requested a formal review by a real person, and not just the robot who booted me, but I have no idea when, or if, this will be resolved.

    I'd appreciate you helping me spread the word among our community so that others will know that I haven't just disappeared and that I hope to be back.

    Right now, I have absolutely no access to my blog and they tell me that it will be deleted in 20 days.