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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shadow Gate: Book Two of the Crossroads

Elliott, Kate. Shadow Gate.

6 words: What has happened to the Guardians?

I read many series out of order and don't usually have any trouble, but I would highly recommend reading this series in order as Elliott makes few concessions to back story. I read Spirit Gate: Book One of the Crossroads last year (and loved it) so the characters and various plot lines were still fresh. However, without having read Book One, the sequel would be most confusing.

The world of the Hundred is a turbulent one; the religions and politics are diverse; the races, customs, and traditions often antithetical. The Reeves and their eagles struggle to preserve some sense of order in the midst of the violence. Aiding the people of the Hundred are the Qin, soldiers in exile who are following their leader Anji and his wife Mai, ahead of threats from their own country.

But what has happened, is happening to the Guardians -- theNine who are supposed to provide protection and justice? How many are corrupt? Will Marit discover her role in the confusion she awakes to find herself in?

Many, many characters and threads in this fantasy. I eagerly await the next in the series.

Fiction. Fantasy. 2008. 475 pages.


  1. I often find that traditional fantasy novels are best read in order--at least when it comes to the trilogies and the like. That's just me though. :-)

    This sounds like a good series. I'll have to look for it!

  2. LF - I've enjoyed both of the first books and hate having to wait for the next one!

    And you are right, it is always best to read them in order, but usually the author makes sure that a new reader has no difficulty with subsequent volumes. Elliot just assumes that you've read the first one and dives right in.

  3. I tried Elliott some years ago, although it wasn't this series, and found her work incredible dark. Is this any different?

  4. Ann -- Hmmmm. No, I don't think that would be the impression, although, as in most fantasy, there are dark elements. I have not read any of her other work, so I can't compare.