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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy July 4th!

Bookfool is giving away an autographed copy of The Questory of Root Karbunkulus. Check it out here. I'm hoping to continue my winning streak.

Just placed an order with Amazon. I'm so weak. There are stacks of ARCs around here that I've not yet read and a brand new stack from Wednesday's trip to the library, but...

I just had to have this one - Resurrecting Virgil by Dorie LaRue. Why? Well, there are several reasons including some excellent reviews:

"Winner of the Omaha Prize for Novel for the year 2000, selected by Mark Spencer. A modern comic-romance with a generous dollop of Southern Gothic, Resurrecting Virgil will keep readers turning the pages long into the night."
I love good Southern Gothic, and the setting and characters are loosely based on Shreveport and the surrounding areas.

And, of course, I know Dorie. Or knew her...way back when. We worked at the Tech Theater together when we were students at Louisiana Tech in Ruston. She always made me smile, and the last time I saw her, years ago on the LSU-S campus, she was exactly the same: friendly, down-to-earth, vital.

When I had lunch with my friend Thomas the other day, he asked if I knew a Shreveport author named Dorie LaRue. All I could do was grin. I knew Dorie, but didn't know she had written a novel (she has two published works of poetry), and immediately thought of an incident involving a washateria back in Ruston all those years ago.

Oh, yeah. I can't wait to get hold of Resurrecting Virgil.


  1. Oooooh. Sounds good!

  2. I wonder if that's the Mark Spencer who was my creative writing teacher when I lived in Oklahoma?

  3. Jordan - It does sound good, doesn't it? I'm sure I'll get an extra kick out of it since it is set locally.

    Bybee - It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Another bit of synchronicity, no doubt!

  4. Same guy. He got the same prize in 1999 for The Weary Motel. So I guess the winner awards it for the next year.

  5. I love Southern Gothic, too! It's always more fun when you have a connection with the author, as well.

  6. Bybee - :) Isn't it funny how things come together? The "six degrees of separation" at work again!

    Buffy - I like that title, too. I'm a sucker for titles.

    Lisa - It is fun when you have a connection (however tenuous) with the author, and I can't wait for this one to arrive.

  7. "Resurrecting Virgil"-- I can tell it's an interesting book just by reading the title. I guess it's time for me to go book hunting again :D

  8. James - It is a catchy title, isn't it? Hope it lives up to my expectations!