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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Journals and Embroidery

I ordered another journal from Iliana and can't wait to write on these creamy pages! Beautiful, isn't it? The birdies feel right at home in my garden. You can visit her Etsy Shop, Bookgirl's Studio, and browse through some of her beautiful handmade journals.
(click pictures to enlarge)
I've finished my latest embroidered tee shirt and am playing with designs on linen. I draw the design with a water soluble pen, then keep adding on as I go.Details from other tee shirts and embroidered pieces from the last month.Books? I've got a bunch of yoga books that I've finished and need to review. One advanced reader's copy to review and several more to read. I've begun and discarded several library books that turned out to be mistakes.


  1. Your embroidery is beautiful!! And I love Iliana's journals. :)

  2. I was gong to say the exact same thing Eva said, so I'll just say "ditto". Also, I'm very envious of your terrific figure. I am so baggy, these days. Maybe I should take up yoga . . .

  3. Ditto to both the previous comments!!

    Yeah, I don't think I'm nearly limber enough for yoga. I'd probably be sore for a month!

  4. Eva - Thanks! I find embroidery relaxing and need to have some kind of hand work when watching television.

    Iliana's journals are wonderful, aren't they? So nice to look at AND to use!

    Bookfool - Years of Tai Chi helped keep me in shape and now yoga is keeping me flexible. Both have been wonderful for joint problems! If you can find the right teacher, yoga is unbelievably relaxing and therapeutic.

    I use the first journal from Iliana for yoga notes and observations. Love it!

    Stephanie - The finding the right teacher is huge. I've only recently discovered Viniyoga and an excellent, well-trained teacher. Although I love the fitness yoga the gym offers, those classes are more exercise classes than anything else. If you are strong and flexible, they are fun--if not, you can hurt yourself.

    Viniyoga is restorative and tailored to each individual.

  5. Yay, you got it! It looks right at home in your garden :)

    Your embroidery is beautiful. There's a class I saw at a studio here on "artistic" embroidery and I have been a bit tempted by it. I figure I love sewing the book pages maybe I'd enjoy something like this!

    Looking forward to the yoga book reviews!

  6. iliana - Of course, it looks right at home! Those birdies were warmly welcomed!

    Thanks! Embroidery is such a nice pastime when watching television. Very relaxing. You probably would enjoy the class!