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Monday, June 29, 2009


I've written several reviews and scheduled them to post over the next week. All of them seem to be working except for the one I just finished. Each time I try to schedule it, it posts immediately. Hmmm. Will save as a draft for the present and move on to the next review.

I'm trying to get ready to leave for Austin and want all of my reviews completed. We will be leaving on July 7, and I have so many things to take care of before then.

And the July 4th weekend is coming up; we can't forget or neglect that celebration! We will be going down to the cabin for food and fun.


  1. That is annoying. Last week the posts weren't posting when scheduled (at least for some) and now this.

    I hope you have a great trip. It's hard to believe it's almost July.

  2. Are you off to your yoga retreat? I hope you have a wonderful time. If you happen to have a free minute when you are in Austin let me know and maybe we can meet. I'm supposed to go up to Dallas soon to visit my mom (wouldn't you know that it'll be around the time you are here) but well who knows, maybe all will fall into place. Anyway, hope you have a great trip!

  3. Sounds like you've got your hands full getting ready for everything. Hope it all goes well and have a wonderful 4th and a safe, happy trip to Texas. It would be cool if you and Iliana get to meet.

  4. LF - Ah, the difficulties of blogging! I'm really getting excited about the trip, but find it hard to believe it's almost July, myself!

    iliana - I'll be leaving next week. Hope I'll have a chance to see you while I'm there, but in any case, have a great visit with your mom!

    booklogged - Thanks, Nancy! I do hope Iliana and I have a chance to get together while I'm in Austin!