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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wasting Away...

not in Margaritaville, however. Although a nice, cooling sip of Margarita would be appreciated in this heat! Well, yes, I mean more than a sip, but "sitting on a bar stool in a cool, dim bar and swilling Margarita's" didn't sound as good.

I've been doing a lot of very little lately. A little this and a little that in a pretty apathetic way. Reading some, embroidering tee shirts, less and less in the garden, etc.

I've continued my yoga studies, though. Currently reading Yoga for Wellness, Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind and other books on my reading list. I find myself contemplating a statement about a posture or its benefits and then picking up other books for comparison. I'm really hoping some of this is beginning to take root in my brain.

Some fiction, too. I've still got to review A Stopover in Venice and A World Made by Hand.

The latter has given me some pause over the last few days as it was kind of peculiar toward the end, and I find myself wondering what I really thought about it. Does that happen to you? You read and enjoy a book while in the process, but when finished, you aren't really sure what you think?

Evaluating a book is often difficult, and the same book can mean different things at different times. On the whole, I love post-apocalyptic, dystopic society books. They are terrifying, but always make me wonder how far back in time society would be thrust if the entire infrastructure fell (or was blasted) away.

For the same reason that I loved Robinson Crusoe as a child, I enjoy thinking of the ways modern mankind would adjust to a society left with only medieval technology. What alternative futures could result from reversals in nature and/or human foolishness?


  1. I've been feeling a bit like that too lately--doing a lot of very little. All that reading I hoped to get done during my vacation, out the window. It didn't help that we had a few household emergencies that had to be dealt with, but how much did I really play a hand in fixing those?

    Anyhow, I do sometimes find that I am enjoying a book very much wile reading it--and maybe right after I finish it. But then once I sit down to write the review, I'm not sure what to say--or start having doubts as to whether I liked it as much as I thought.

    Your question about alternate futures is an interesting one. Now I have something to ponder today. :-)

    Have a great weekend, Jenclair.

  2. I'm feeling the same way. It was so much fun to get outside after an unsettled spring, but now all the planting and major yard work is done. We have been having lots of cool (almost cold) days, many with rain. I pittle around the house, but my heart's not in it.

    I'm into the last 100 pages of Language of Bees and feel excited to discover all the secrets. The pace has sped up, but the 'plane ride' you mentioned is still coming up. You also mentioned unresolved isssues - maybe I should just not finish reading, but you know I will!

    Here's hoping we both enjoy a massive surge of energy that helps focus us on our goals with satisfying results.

  3. The weather here cannot make up its mind at all! It was really hot for a bit there, but it hasn't been since... Last few days it rained, but today was relatively nice.

  4. Ahh! Going backward in my reader and I see that you have read Stopover in Venice.

  5. LF - I hate household emergencies of any kind. My washing machine went out last week, but Trusty Daryl of Daryl's Appliances came once again to the rescue...and the same day I called!

    I think there is a difference between enjoying a book (like enjoying a television show) and really thinking it is a good book. It makes you hesitate about recommendations, doesn't it?

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Wendy!

    Booklogged - Oooh, I envy the cool days! We made it to the high nineties (95 when I looked about 3:00 PM yesterday) and high humidity. This morning (Sunday), it was 79 at 7:00 AM.

    I'm eager to hear if you feel the same about the number of pages spent on the plane ride in The Language of Beesand what you think about the conclusion, Nancy! I really like this series, but this one wasn't my favorite, even if I did enjoy most of it.

    Kailana - We had such a nice spring that I hate to complain about the heat and humidity finally arriving. Guess I got spoiled. Glad that your weather has been nice, I enjoy long as it doesn't last too long!

    Nicole - Yep, and enjoyed it, but then, I rarely hate a book and still finish it. It isn't one of my favorites, but I did get involved in both of the plot lines.

  6. Oh, absolutely. Sometimes I've even given a book a glowing review and then wondered, two weeks later, "Why on earth did I do that? I'm starting to hate it, the more I think about it." Sometimes the after-effects of a book weigh on you, I guess, even if you enjoy the reading.

    As to doing very little . . . I can so relate. It seems far too early in the year for 100+ heat indexes and afternoon siestas, but the heat has really hit hard. I'm trying to parlay that nuisance sluggishness into reading time, but some days I just flop down to read and go right to sleep. Bummer.

  7. Most of the year I've felt that way! I am always so busy but doing what I wonder?! I think I need to learn a bit more about time management :)

    As to the book eval... I understand. Sometimes what surprises me is when I think I didn't like the book yet it'll stay with me for a long time and I'll have to reconsider my first thoughts on it!

  8. bookfool - Strange, isn't it, that our reactions to books can change over a period of days or weeks.

    Iliana - I could use a time management course myself.

    Book evaluations are tricky for several reasons, and most of us are subject to occasional doubts about the quality of the book, I guess.