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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Find Me

O'Connell, Carol. Find Me.

The 9th novel in O'Connell's Mallory series has Kathy Mallory away from the NYPD and preparing to follow the mythic Route 66 for her own reasons. When a body turns up in Chicago that appears to be linked to other murders along the famous route, Mallory lends a hand, but does not want to be deterred from her own journey.

Mallory, however, finds that her route and the murders are connected to the fabled highway, and she is eventually completely involved in the case and with the sad caravan of parents who are traveling the route looking for their missing children. Worried about her uncharacteristic absence from the NYPD, Riker and Charles Butler are trying to catch up with Mallory and find themselves enlisted into protecting the caravan and in the search for the killer as well.

This installation reveals more about Mallory's back story, answering questions and following up hints from previous novels. As usual O'Connell's prose carries the reader along in a tidal wave that prevents questioning the often over-the-top events and character of Kathy Mallory.

I find that I'm perfectly willing to overlook the sometimes bizarre elements in these mysteries. The characterization, intricate narratives, and psychological puzzles keep me entranced. The changes in Mallory and the final scene leave me fearful that this may be the last of the Mallory narratives.

This series may not be for everyone, but it is one of my all-time favorites. I do recommend reading the books in order, however. Each novel reveals a little more about Mallory's background, making it easier to enter Mallory's world with each successive installment. Starting in the middle of this series might make the novels less enjoyable.

Fiction. Crime/Mystery. 2006. 352 pages.


  1. The more I hear about this series, the more I want to read it.

  2. LF - Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the series isn't for everyone, but you really should try some of the Mallory series. I love them!

  3. I just looked at all the mysteries I have sitting on the shelf. I'm going to have to wait before I start a 9-book series. But it sounds very tempting.

  4. I am taking note of this mystery series, since I read a lot of mysteries. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Framed - It's a good series, but I certainly understand your dilemma!

    Terra - I love mysteries (and police procedurals), too. Carol O'Connell is one of my favorite mystery/police procedural authors-- along with Reginald Hill, P.D. James, Peter Robinson, Tana French, Deborah Crombie, and a few others.