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Sunday, July 05, 2009


Scholes, Ken. Lamentation: The Psalms of Isaac.

Although Scholes been publishing short fiction for about 8 years, this is his first novel and a very good one. The novel is a fantasy with some intriguing elements of science fiction.

Opening with the destruction of the city Windwir, the narrative is told from several perspectives:

Rudolfo, the head of the Wandering Army and Lord of the Ninefold Forest Houses, sees the smoke and realizes that something terrible has happened, but can't imagine the breadth of destruction until he arrives.

Neb, a young Androfrancine apprentice, has been waiting for his father on one of the hills surrounding the city; he feels the ground shaking, sees the city collapse upon itself, and watches for hours as the fires complete the destruction.

Petronus the Fisherman, also sees the cloud and realizes with sudden clarity what has occurred. Jin Li Tam, consort to the Overseer, is called to join him to witness the fall of Windwir.

War, political intrigue, codes and secret languages, magic, deception, a robot that cries, a gypsy king, a marsh king, and a hidden pope--all packed into the first of what is planned to be a five book series.

A fine first novel with the promise of more to come!

I love this post by Nymeth about why she reads fantasy!

Fiction. Fantasy. 2009. 361 pages.

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