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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Remember This Name: Nikki Gemmell

Oh, I've discovered a new author and a wonderful book. One that I'll keep and reread. One that I can open to almost any page and review with wonder, delight, new insight, and the opportunity for wisdom. An ARC published by The Fourth Estate, The Book of Rapture by Nikki Gemmell will remain with me forever, both physically and emotionally. I will read everything she has written.

Who sent this to me? I can't find any record of this ARC, and sometimes books just arrive out of nowhere, but although I find no record, there is a vague memory of someone sending me the description (I would write you a thank you note if I could). Maybe, when I finish, my review will be the thank you note.

Gemmell has just the right touch to create suspense, tension, the love of a parent for her children. She can bring you to grief and joy without ever slipping into the maudlin.

I'm almost finished, but can't quite bring myself to read on. I've stopped at a crucial point, and I need some time before I can bring myself to bring the book to a close... for several reasons.

It is another example of synchronicity. This book. At this time.


  1. Hi JenClair, just to let you know that I'm back on line at

    It's still under the Table Talk label, but I've had to change the platform. The one I was using before altered the goal-posts so often that it became impossible to go back to.

    Isn't it wonderful to find a new author? I'll look out for this in the local library. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I can;t wait to read your review, I get like that with books too. They are so good that I almost have to read them in little sips and take a breather all together at crucial moments..

  3. I love that synchronicity. Looking forward to your review!

  4. Ooh, I can't wait to hear more about the book. I actually have a Nikki Gemmell book somewhere in the stacks. Sadly, it's one of those books that's become a shelf sitter but am looking forward to your review and hopefully I'll move up my book :)

  5. Ann - Good to know you are back! I was a little concerned!

    I didn't care for The Angel's Game, either. Read the whole thing, but nothing improved for me.

    Ann, you would love The Book of Rapture!

    Nicole - It is a wonderful book; my favorite this year and really, for several years. It always means something when you can't bear for the book to end, doesn't it?

    Cathy - I will be reviewing the book soon--finished it at lunch today, but need to let it percolate a while yet.

    Iliana - I know Gemmell wrote The Bride Stripped Bare, and it is now on my list. That may be the one you have on the shelf. I hope it is half as good as The Book of Rapture!

  6. Wow, this sounds like an intense book. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lesley - Intense and thoughtful--you have to pause and contemplate frequently. Excellent!

  8. I'm so glad I found you again. You probably didn't know you were lost. Neither did I! That was the problem. When I changed my blog design recently I must have inadvertently left your blog off my list. I generally only read blogs that have new content and your blog never showed up. Today while visiting Lesley's blog I saw your name in the comments and said to myself, "Jenclair! I haven't been visiting Jenclair's blog lately. Why not? Surely she's in my list." I checked just to be sure and discovered you weren't there. Good grief - how much have I missed?

    I guess I'm the one that's really lost. LOL

    Glad I found you and read your update on The Book of Rapture. I love to hear such exuberance for a book. I'll be looking it up.

  9. booklogged - :) I'm so frequently lost! Glad to know you've found me again. I really, really loved The Book of Rapture!

    Cathy - Thanks! It made me feel so good to come back to the room and discover this!

  10. This is a heads up that no one else will receive: I've been thinking of you the past couple of days because the next blogger to be featured on Scene of the Blog is a quilter. I'm going to ask her if she'll let us see some of her work. :)

  11. Cathy - Great! I wonder if I'm familiar with her? Hmmm, guess I'll just have to wait and see!