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Friday, July 17, 2009


I put aside all yoga thoughts tonight and pulled out a book to read for pleasure. Ahhhh!

Wanted to share this link again (I posted it a couple of years ago) about finding authors in your favorite genres: Literature-Map.

If you enjoy William Faulkner, or Richard Russo, or Reginald Hill, or Ruth Rendell, or Wilkie Collins, or Flannery O'Connor, or ...whichever author you might like, just type in the name and see what other authors appear who write in a similar vein.

One more note for those who enjoy children's lit and YA fiction: The Fairy Godmother Academy (written by the mother-in-law of Cameron, a fellow yoga teacher-in-training) looks like great fun!

"Before there were finishing schools, therapists, or how-to books there were fairy godmothers. Theirs was a legacy of magical Wisdoms, an academy of powerful women with the gifts of Singing Stones, Spirikins, Kalis Sticks, and Magic Hand Mirrors. These powers were handed down through generations to daughters, sisters, nieces and grand daughters.

The Fairy Godmother Academy is a book series and trans-media brand that introduces preteen girls to their inner Wisdoms by connecting them to a school of the heart in a dream world called Aventurine."

Published by Random House, Birdie's Book is the first in the series.


  1. I had visited literature map a long time ago, and the other day I wanted to find it again but couldn't remember what it was called. Thank you!

  2. nymeth - It took me a while to remember the name, too. I kept wanting it to be author map!

  3. I love literature-map... Just last night I was thinking about how great if there was a movie-map too. I was in the mood for a movie but couldn't think of what to watch! haha...

    Anyway, Birdie's Book looks good. I love the cover for it too.

  4. iliana - A movie-map sounds like a great idea! I often want to watch movies with a similar theme!

  5. I love the literature map! Could that BE any cooler? Wow. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and if you want a movie map, it is not a map but if you subscribe to Netflix, it has a pretty good breakdown of movies according to moods and subgenres, etc. in its preferences and settings so it can recommend movies to you based on those. Just an idea, although it is no movie-map. That would be cool.