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Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Series

I discovered a new mystery series, The Coroner's Lunch, while visiting a favorite quilting blog, A Block a Day. The setting is Laos in 1975 and the main character, Dr. Siri Paiboun, a seventy-something who has been conscripted to be the chief medical examiner, must wade through political implications and some supernatural elements to find justice and to survive. I've added it to my wish list, thanks to Lily's recommendation.

Went to my third Kundalini Yoga class from 4:30-6:00, then a Hatha class from 6:00-7:30. Both were good, but I love the Kundalini. So different, so deeply relaxing, and then there is the gong during final relaxation. Addictive. Yes. The vibrations just travel through your body.

Bought two more yoga books and a great CD after class, then came back to the room to eat the tabouli I made this morning and left to refrigerate for about 10 hours. Mmmmm.

I've enjoyed this weekend. Yesterday, I had to wash clothes and do some grocery shopping, but there was time to play on the computer, to read, answer emails, talk to family and friends on the phone, and to practice on my own. Today, more of the same. Tomorrow, free time will be less available.

Listening to my new CD, Deva Premal's Essence...


  1. Dr. Siri is one of my favorite characters. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day. Yummy food, new book discover and yoga. I still haven't worked my way up to two classes a day. My mom does it easily. I am so overjoyed if I can do one.

  3. I need to make a note of the series. I'm always on the look out for a new one :)

    So about how many hours of yoga do you put in at your retreat?

  4. I love reading about mystery series because it helps me add fun things to my own private wishlist for my wife. She is such a fan of the genre and I've discovered SO MANY mystery series that she loves just because of bloggers.

  5. oh I hope you enjoy the mysteries! I'm almost finished the third and am just captivated - it's so interesting seeing the world from such a different perspective - I've learnt so much about that part of the world. The yoga sounds good - I must look it up and find a yoga class here - the gong vibrating sounds very peaceful.

  6. Cathy - Should have known you'd be familiar with this series! That makes two thumbs up!

    Nicole - Good food, good books, and good yoga - great combination! As for two classes a day, it depends on the classes, doesn't it? There are some classes that would be too tough to do following each other. But good on your Mom!

    Iliana - The series sounds really interesting, and I love books set in unfamiliar locations. It is the best way to get interested in another country's history and culture.

    We do several asana clinics during the day, but they are broken up with history, philosophy, anatomy, and meditation, etc. The classes I attend at night are the "regularly scheduled" classes so I can get a taste of different types of yoga and different teachers.

    Carl - Your wife is so lucky to have you! You always pay attention to what she likes!

    Lily - I really thank you for introducing me to a new mystery series. Especially since you've gone through the first three so quickly. That says a lot!