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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Tabby

After seeing Bookfool's Fiona pics and Annie's Homer the Office Cat, I must post a picture of our Tabby -- Edger the Purrfectly Magnificent.
He does have a few bad habits--like jumping up into the cabinets above the computer desk if the door is left open.


  1. Oh, he's gorgeous! He looks like my father's wonderful cat. Tabbys are the best!

  2. Anne - Edgar is so friendly, so people-oriented, and has been since he was a wee thing. His sisters don't have his affectionate and fun-loving nature. I wonder if all Tabby cats have outgoing personalities.

  3. LOL! He is AWESOME! Tabbies are total sweethearts. They can get into trouble, though, for sure. Fiona will wallop her little sister to get attention, the brat. :)

  4. Edgar is pretty dominant male and keeps his sisters well in line. Tabbies ARE sweethearts, aren't they?