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Monday, September 19, 2011

Around the Blog World

I first saw Thomas Allen's work on Sam's Book Chase blog.  What fun!
This one is a favorite.

Carl's R.I.P. Challenge is going on and this is the first year since it started that I haven't participated.  At least so far.  Must do something about it.  I've read a number of books this year that would have qualified for this challenge--now I wish I'd held back on some of them.   I need some new gothic-type titles.         
You can turn your blog into a book.  Jeez, I wonder what that would cost for those of us who have been blogging for years?         

We all love creative bookshelves, but this older idea is such an easy DIY.
These are amusing:

I love the way I can explore the creative world from right here at home!



  1. I think turning your blog into a book sounds interesting. There are some that I'd love to do that with. :-)

  2. Kay - Some blogs would translate better than others, but I guess you could take your own blog and choose posts about one thing--say the building of your new home--and have a cohesive and treasured hard copy!

  3. Love the bookshelves and the book art! Very creative. I'd have a hard time deciding what books to turn into shelves though. What if I decide I want to read it after it is bracketed to the wall?

  4. Stefanie - I want to find an attractive old book, not necessarily one I want to read. Flea markets, here I come!

  5. Oh, I love those crazy bookholders for the red books. Too cute!

    As to making a book of our blogs . . . I'm thinking over 5 years of blogging would cost a fortune. But, it might be a nice little (5-volume) bit of memorabilia, in the end. I need to go back and clear out some things I really don't want lingering on my blog, but that would be one heck of a job.

  6. Nancy - People are so creative about bookshelves. I still think the tree version is one of the best.

    Yeah, I think you would have to be selective if you wanted to make a book that you could afford!

  7. Love the bookshelves. The one that looks like the books are falling off would drive this type A person a little crazy though :)

  8. Lisa- You are right, but I'm not a type A, and I think I'd smile each time I saw them!