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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1) is an excellent venture into fantasy.  I didn't want it to end, but at least I knew I had the second one in the series waiting.

The story is told in three days.  On the first day, an unassuming innkeeper rescues a biographer called the Chronicler.  The Chronicler realizes that the innkeeper is none other than the famous Kvothe (pronounced Quothe), The Bloodless.  He wants to record Kvothe's story, but Kvothe who has abandoned his former life and lives anonymously in a tiny, secluded village insists that the tale be told his way.  And his way may contradict all the famous stories, legends, and myths about himself.

He begins with his childhood because, as is true of all of us, our childhoods and upbringings have much to do with the way our lives develop.  I fell deeply into the novel, and although it is long, was eager to get to the next volume in this trilogy.

Fiction.  Fantasy.  2007.  662 pages.

The Wiseman's Fear (Kingkiller's Chronicle, Day 2) continues the story of Kvothe's life and adventures. I continued to be engrossed.  Only as I came closer and closer to the end of the book, I became more and more despairing that the third book has yet to be released.

Loved both books.  Loved the world-building, the characters, the adventures.  There are flaws, but I can easily overlook them because I became so immersed in these two books, it was almost as if I lived there.

Fiction.  Fantasy.  2011.  1008 pages.

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  1. I really have to read the second book by Rothfuss. I bought it as soon as it came out and STILL haven't read it!

  2. I loved the first book and really was looking forward to the second book. I liked that one too, but thought that it was a bit more problematic in terms of some of the choices the author made. Now it is just a question of how long we will have to wait for the third book.

  3. Kailana - I looked and looked for your review and couldn't find it...which is why I emailed you to ask. I really liked both of them and wish Rothfuss would hurry up with the final book!

  4. Marg - I think some others had problems with the second book. My main problem with it is that it add more about the Chandrian. Loved it anyway.

  5. umm...I mean that it did not add much more about the Chandrian.