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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Multiple (and Brief) Reviews

Since I haven't posted reviews in about a month, I'm doing some short ones of a sentence or two.

Chelsea Cain:  evil at heart &amp - the over-the-top, weird, gruesome kind of murder mystery; The Night Season - not as bad, but not really my kind of book.  I checked both out at once, but no more Chelsea Cain.

Jan Burke: Disturbance - I like Jan Burke's mystery series featuring Irene Kelly.

Peter Orullian: The Unremembered  - Fantasy that definitely needed an editor.  Almost abandoned it, but found myself more involved as I went along.  Didn't change the fact that it needed a ruthless editor for, among other things, length and repetition.  First in a series.

Andrew P. Mayer:  The Falling Machine  (Book One of The Society of Steam) - Another steam punk disappointment.

Graham Thomas:  Malice on the Moors - Not bad.  I enjoyed this one.

Peter Robinson:  Playing with Fire - I always enjoy Peter Robinson.

Deanna Raybourn:  The Dead Travel Fast - Oh, no.  Don't bother.


  1. jenclair: I admire you for finishing books you're not liking. I can never seem to do that and maybe I've missed some books that got better in the second half but life's just too short. :)

    I like Jan Burke though I haven't read her in a while. I do remember liking NINE, a standalone she wrote a few years ago.

  2. welcome back! Love the pithiness of your reviews...

  3. I was wondering where you vanished to. Glad to see you back around!

  4. Yvette - I find it difficult to abandon books, but it does happen! I agree, life is too short too waste the time...and still, I do it.

    Anne - They are pretty pithy, aren't they? And a little snarky, too. :)

    Kailana - Yep, it is always difficult to catch up after a long absence. I have to ruthlessly restrict myself from trying to read all the posts I've missed on all the blogs I usually read.