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Friday, July 20, 2012

Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs

I'm a lover of mysteries and read the good, the bad, and the indifferent.   New authors are fun, and I'm always hopeful of finding new authors (or new-to-me authors), but there are certain authors to whom I return.  Kathy Reichs is one of those, so when I saw Spider Bones at the library, it went into the bag.

As it turned out, this one was not one of my favorites.   Reichs' plots have developed a predictable pattern, and while it is commendable to have characters act and react in ways that are consistent with the personalities that have been developed, if there is no stretching, spontaneity, or growth in the character--if both plot and characters are predictable--there is little suspense or anticipation.

The most interesting element of the book was the information of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command.   In the case of this novel, the discovery and return of bodies from various wars (in this case, Viet Nam) and the process, a thorough and arduous process, to be sure of correct identification.

Reichs is always good about including factual information of some sort, and I love to learn while enjoying an entertaining story.  In this novel, the information is not as well interwoven as in previous novels and comes across as very dry.  Nevertheless, I learned some interesting information, which is always a good thing.

Another point of dissatisfaction for me was that the body that begins the mystery is found in a grotesque situation of his own devising.  Because of the manner of death, it was difficult to care about the victim.

None of this means that I will not return Reichs.  While I was not as satisfied with this novel, I have enjoyed most her novels and will certainly read more.

Fiction.  Mystery.  2010.  320 pages.

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  1. My husband recently introduced me to the TV program, Bones, based on these books and it's not bad. It's not as close to the books as one might like, but the casting is excellent. I've just started re-reading the Reichs books from the beginning.