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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reading in Transit

 Street Photos of Commuters Reading on the Subway. ( via Read in a Single Sitting)

And here is a Facebook site of the subway readers.  I love seeing people of all ages reading on the subway, totally absorbed, sometimes with book titles showing, sometimes not.

Photo: "The Master and Margarita," by Mikhail Bulgakov

Sam has an interesting, and a bit disturbing, post about the way our Kindle and Nook e- readers provide information about our reading choices and habits.

I was pleased to see that Nan of Letters from a Hill Farm found Midnight in Peking as interesting as I did.  Click the link to read her review; my review is here.  Author Paul French happens on an account of an unsolved murder in Peking in 1937 and investigates the story.

French uncovers a great deal of information and relates this true crime story, revealing the time period and the cover-ups, in an entirely readable way.

Another gem via Read in a Single Sitting:  Ten Unusual Micro Libraries.  I Love this one...
UK Phone Box Library

Photo by SuperFurryLibrarian/Flickr

This is the kind of thing that occupies me when I don't want to write reviews.


  1. Who wants to call home when you can just read a book instead? :)

  2. Stephanie - :) Much better to read!

  3. That microlibrary. So cute. And such a food idea.

  4. Caroline - The site had lots of neat micro libraries, but the phone booth is my favorite!

  5. Aww. So adorable. I also like seeing people reading in subways even in buses. Its like they have their own world.