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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cold by Stella Cameron

Cold (an Alex Duggins mystery).  After her divorce, Alex Duggins returns to the small town in the Cotswolds where she grew up.  While she is out walking her dog early one morning, she discovers a body in the snow.  The victim was killed by a dart like the ones in her pub, and Alex is a master at the game.  Then another man is murdered, and the Vicar is pushed down the stairs and remains in a coma.  A suspect, even if not a very likely one, Alex begins some investigating on her own.  

Aided by her childhood friend Tony, Alex begins inquiring into the past in an attempt to find a motive for the murder.  Secrets begin to surface and more than one party begins to have a reason to want the victim out of their lives.  

A fast-paced mystery with some interesting characters.  This is my first book by Cameron, but she is a prolific writer.  She must turn out a book or two a year.

NetGalley/Purple Papaya

Mystery.  2013.  Print version: 238 pages.

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