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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Compound Fractures by Stephen White

Compound Fractures is the final installment of the Dr. Alan Gregory series.  I looked forward to this one, but have to admit I found much of the book so tinged with bitterness that I have to wonder what was going on when White wrote it.

I missed the previous book, Line of Fire which set up the action in this one; however, the one before that, The Last Lie, didn't please me much either.  Since I had enjoyed so many of the books in this series, I hate to have it end on a sour note.

Betrayals.  Characters that you previously liked behave badly.  Very badly.  When a series is as long as this one (twenty books), it comes as an unpleasant surprise to have them change so drastically.  

An ARC from Dutton.

Mystery.  August 20, 2013.  438 pages.


  1. Interesting... You are right, it would make you wonder why the series changed at the end. I read a lot of series too but I don't think I've finished a long-running one yet! Now that would be a good reading goal :)

  2. Iliana - I had planned on getting all the earliest novels of Reginald Hill's Dalziel & Pascoe series, but only got a couple of them and then kind of forgot. But it is always interesting to see how a series evolves from first to last.