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Friday, October 04, 2013

Reading Less, Playing More

I've been reading a little less lately and playing more in my studio. 
 Unfinished figures are suddenly yammering for attention, 
and new Halloween figures keep popping in my head. 

 The studio floor is a disaster area, 
covered with balls of yarn 
I've been playing with 
and all of the crap stuff 
that I let Bryce Eleanor play with when she is here--
pipe cleaners, beads, butterfly punch, 
old skates that I plan to use in an assemblage 
and she uses to transport her stuffed animals,
 old costume jewelry that she uses to decorate her stuffed animals, 
(their successories!)
colored pencils, fabric we used for appliqueing her drawings on to a tee shirt....

I document our adventures over at my crafty blog.
When she is here, we make her stuff.

When she is not, I make my stuff.

I have started reading several books lately that just couldn't keep my interest or that I actively disliked.  Cycles.  For weeks, luck will provide one good book after another (or at the very least, moderately entertaining) then...crash, a series of books that don't appeal at all.

After a series of DNA (Did Not Appeal), I have a couple of books that are looking up.   Yay!


  1. Have fun playing in your studio!!! Can't wait to see the dolls done.

  2. Just finished a bunch of stuffies. Well, sewing and stuffing them anyway. There are plenty of details left. Two are BE's drawings, the others are Halloween. :)

  3. I think studio messes lead to more creativity - I'm sticking by that as my studio is always a mess :)

    Hope you'll show us pics of your Halloween dolls!

  4. I'm certainly capable of making a mess!

  5. Your studio mess looks rather wonderful to me! :)

  6. :) I'm working on cleaning out a little space to work in now.