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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Winter's Redemption and Winter's Rise by Mary Stone; The Last Watch by J.S. Dewes

After reading the first two books in the Winter Black series back-to-back, I was ready to get back to Winter  and her FBI friends and colleagues.  

Winter's Redemption (Book 3).    Mary Stone does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the plot, characters, and backstories, never letting up on the pacing.  

The Preacher is back and killing again after over a decade, but Winter is excluded from the investigation.  She understands the reason for her exclusion, so she gives in and joins Aiden and the Behavioral Analysis Unit in order to take part in a distanced way.

Just what I needed to keep my head away from all of the real-life issues that we all deal with now.  Yeah, serial killers, FBI, BAU, and Winter's unusual gift.  That's the ticket.

Winter's Rise (Book 4)  In the previous books, Winter has been searching for clues to what happened to her younger brother who was kidnapped during the murder of their parents.  The search continues, but Aiden,  an excellent profiler, suspects that having been raised by a serial killer, Justin is not going to be what Winter hopes for.

The main plot, however, deals with a sinister surgeon who has an unhealthy (deadly) interest in anyone who has had a traumatic brain injury and after recovering, exhibits some of the strange gifts that both Winter and her friend share.  

I'll give the Winter Black series another rest before continuing, but I will be continuing.

I just finished this one last night.  Science fiction and full of suspense and danger.  Loved it!

description: "The Divide.

It’s the edge of the universe.

Now it’s collapsing—and taking everyone and everything with it.

The only ones who can stop it are the Sentinels—the recruits, exiles, and court-martialed dregs of the military.

At the Divide, Adequin Rake, commanding the Argus, has no resources, no comms—nothing, except for the soldiers that no one wanted.

They're humanity's only chance."

  A great debut from J.S. Dewes!  Review will be scheduled closer to publication date.

This would be the perfect year end Daylight Saving Time 

Not a bad idea...


  1. I'll have to check out the Winter Black series. And The Last Watch sounds good, too!

    1. The Winter Black books read so fast! Once I've started one, I have trouble putting it down. "Supper? There's sandwich meat and bread, fix you a sandwich, Dear."

  2. I wish my library had copies of those Mary Stone books. Maybe I'll have to request them. And that last pic you posted: "Boom...Now they're reading" totally made me laugh! :D

    1. :) I love that meme! It actually sounds like a good idea, too!

  3. The Mary Stone books just get better and better from the sounds of it -- and the brother being raised by a serial kiler?!? wow.

    1. The fact that they pull me in so completely (not that they are realistic at all) makes them a good fit for me when I'm restless. And I'm restless a lot these days!

  4. The Winter Black series sounds so good. It's nice to find a series that already has lots of books out and is ready to be binge read. :D

  5. know things are bad when serial killers and their victims offer relief to the real world...