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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jericho's Fall

Carter, Stephen.  Jericho's Fall.

I loved Carter's The Emperor of Ocean Park, but can't say the same for this novel.

Beck DeForde was the "young thing" that Jericho Ainsley gave up his marriage and career for, but their affair was short-lived.  And perhaps Ainsley didn't really give up his career for Beck; there may have been other reasons behind the former CIA Director's original fall from grace.

His paranoia has become even more advanced in the 15 years following the affair, and when Jericho is dying, he wants to talk to Beck.  Is his paranoia justified?

At any rate, Beck goes to his isolated mountain home and joins Jericho's 2 daughters in caring for the "former Everything."  Finding herself an object of interest to a number of people is disconcerting for Beck...what do they think Jericho summoned her to his bed side to reveal? Does it endanger her?

I found characters and plot lacking in believability.

Fiction.  Mystery/Political Thriller.  2009.  351 pages.


  1. Too bad this was disappointing. I've not read anything by this author but I'll definitely not start with this one.

  2. Guess this is a book to be skipped

  3. Framed - I really liked his first novel, but I'd never have guessed that this one was by the same author!

    bookmagic - It isn't one that I'd recommend. :(

  4. I've read two of the author's books and liked them. I hadn't even known he'd written another (Palace Council) until I came across it in the store the other day (I didn't buy it)--and now your review of this one. Wow, I'm behind! I'm sorry this one wasn't better.

    You mention in one of your comments that you never would have guessed this one was by the same author. Was it the writing as well as the plotting? I'm just curious. It does sound different than his other books.

  5. Emperor was dense and complex and kept my interest all the way through. This one seemed all surface, a fast read that sort of skimmed along. None of the characters came alive for me as they did in Emperor. The novel seemed hurried; I guess it was both the writing and the plot that seemed so different.

    I will look for his other novels, though. The ones between Emperor and this one.

    Which ones have you read, Wendy?