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Monday, May 03, 2010

Alexander, Tasha.  Tears of Pearl.

Lady Emily and Colin Hargreaves are on their honeymoon, but their first night in Constantinople finds them attempting to discover who murdered a harem girl.  Colin is a British Diplomat which enable Emily to gain access to the women of the harem.

A Victorian lady interviewing women in a Turkish harem...good thing Lady Emily is much more open-minded than most of the women in Victorian society! 

The murderer is out for vengeance and has the ability to arrange murders both inside and outside of the harem. 

Too many coincidences, the sweetness of the romance without the spark of previous novels, and an overall blandness disappointed me in the latest in the series about Lady Emily and Colin.  I've enjoyed all of the previous novels about the couple, but this one didn't live up to my expectations.

Fiction.  Mystery/Historical.  2009.  306 pages.


  1. This one was a disappointment for me too, and then I see the details of the next book an dI know that I am going to be on board for it. Can't seem to help myself!

  2. I'll be trying the next one, too, and hoping for a sassier Lady Emily!