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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Charlton, Blake.  Spellwright.

A debut novel with more to come in this series about a young, apprentice spellwright who has a disability that causes him to mangle the language of spells.  He is a cacographer, unable to spell correctly.  The fascinating aspect for me is that Charlton is using his own disability, dyslexia, as the basis for this fantasy.

Nicodemus Weal, the young apprentice, is aware that his dream of becoming a fully operational wizard is beyond his ability, but yearns for ability to translate spells effectively.  Then, when murder and mayhem, descend on Starhaven, the possibility that Nico is more than he seems becomes both evident and very dangerous.

The beginning was a bit slow,  but things pick up and Nico's attachment to his mentor and friends force him to attempt the defeat of great evil.

Although I found the novel a bit uneven, it was highly entertaining, and I look forward to discovering more in the next installment.

Again, one of the most interesting aspects involves the author's own disability and his remarkable triumph over it!

Another one for Carl's Once Upon a Time Challenge.

I am desperately trying to get caught up on my reviews!

Fiction.  Fantasy.  2010.  352 pages.

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