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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Langrish, Katherine.  Troll Fell.

This one is for the Once Upon a Time Challenge.  Troll Fell is a book for older children and would make a great read-aloud, a chapter a night book.

Set in the time of the Vikings, poor Peer is left an orphan when his father dies.  Sad and grieving, he attends his father's funeral.  If things weren't bad enough, one of his wicked uncles shows up and claims him, frightening the villagers who try to protect Peer into submission.

Friendless and lonely, he must work for his disgusting twin uncles.  Eventually, he finds a friend in Hilde, a young girl about his own age.  However, when he discovers that his uncles plan to sell both Peer and Hilde to the Troll King...

Fiction.  Fantasy.  2004.  317 pages.


  1. Thanks so much, Jen. And - last post - your dolls are just amazing!

  2. I enjoyed it and will be reading it to my oldest granddaughter sometime this summer!