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Monday, May 03, 2010

French, Nicci.  Until It's Over.

Astrid Bell is a bike messenger and has been living with two of her housemates for years.  There are other, more recent, additions to the group.

When first one murder, then another occurs, the relationships within the group become harder to decipher.  Is one of them a murderer?  All connections appear to point to Astrid, but who is really behind the deaths and why?

Fiction.  Mystery.  2007.  378 pages.


  1. It's been forever since I read one of her books. I read a couple that were quite good and entertaining. I'll have to pick this one up one day!

  2. Iliana - I haven't read one of her books (actually, I just discovered that "she" is a husband and wife team!) in a couple of years, either. This wasn't my favorite, but it was entertaining and suspenseful.