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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hounding the Moon

Frost, P.R.  Hounding the Moon.

I almost put this aside (along with at least 3 other fantasy novels that didn't appeal), but instead, I continued.

Not sure what to say to explain my feelings.  Initially, it actually grated on my nerves, but somehow, it kept enough of a pull to keep me reading. 

There were quite a few elements that I didn't care for at all and the plot seemed a combination of too much death and too much silliness to be coherent (there is a little bit of EVERYTHING)...and yet, I kept reading.  The novel was Frost's debut effort, and maybe she was eventually be able to find better tempo and feeling of authenticity because there are at least two more of her Tess Noncoire novels.

Another one for Carl's Once Upon a Time Challenge.

Fiction.  Fantasy/Supernatural.  2007.  385 pages.


  1. That happens to me sometimes. I may not be enjoying a book all that much but something keeps pulling me back to it. Hopefully her other novels will be better.

  2. :) We can't explain all of the complicated responses we have to books, can we?

  3. Hi Jenclair. I have been absent from the blogging world for several months so I have been reading through many of your latest reviews and activities. I am amazed that you are making dolls now. Are you still quilting as well? Still doing yoga I see by your reading.

    A very long time ago you recommended a video, Into the Arms of Strangers, about the Kindertransport. I put it on my Netflix que but kept moving things above it. Today I watched it and wanted to say thank-you for posting about it. Very powerful! I appreciated the view of life before Hitler and the time before the U.S. got into the war. Thank heaven for those people who took those children into their homes. It was an emotional film, but very important.

  4. I'm not doing much quilting right now; the dolls are taking most of my time. And yoga, of course.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, Cheya!