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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Devi, Nischala Joy.  The Healing Path of Yoga.

 I enjoyed this book and will be reading back over it with a highlighter in hand.  A lot of the information is not new to me, but as usual, sometimes the way the information is disclosed can make a difference, and there were many places where I felt Devi's words had more of an impact on me that the same ideas in other format.  Another benefit was that there were so many places that, as a yoga teacher, I felt that Devi's words would make things clearer to students.  Finally, the reason some of the ideas are so familiar to us today is because of Nischala Devi's work.

Devi has plenty of experience in using yoga to help those who are ill, as she helped Dr. Michael Lerner develop yoga-based retreats for the Commoweal Cancer Help Program.  She was also requested by Dr. Dean Ornish to create yoga practices specifically for patients with heart disease.

Scientists and the medical community are aware of the benefits of yoga and tai chi in relieving stress, in physical conditioning, in healing relaxation techniques, and in overall wellness today-- and part of the reason is the work that Nischala Devi has done.

Here are two celebrity opinions of her work:

"Whether you have never practiced yoga and meditation or you practice daily, Nischala Devi will help bring you to the next level. Her extensive knowledge and calming manner come through as beautifully in this book as in person. Nischala offers tools you can use that will benefit you for the rest of your life."      
-- Clint Eastwood

" As the caregiver of a cancer survivor, I know firsthand the healing light of Nischala Devi's teachings. Now they come alive for countless others in a book of her distilled experience, beautifully expressed."
-- Gail Sheehy

I don't usually include this kind of endorsement concerning a book, but have a feeling that neither of these individuals would make the statements unless they were sincere.

Nonfiction.  Yoga.  2000. 230 pages.


  1. I only discovered yoga in January - but I am so pleased that I did as I feel so much better after I have had a practice. Thank you so much for recommendting this book.

    Happy reading and yoga-ing


  2. Hannah, I have reviewed a number of books on yoga. I find reading about it almost as good as practicing! Almost.. :)

    Here is a link to some of the ones I've read and can recommend.