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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nothing to Lose

Child, Lee.  Nothing to Lose.

Jack Reacher again.  Between the literal and metaphorical towns of Hope and Despair, Reacher does his usual thing of defeating the bad guys regardless of the odds.

Also as usual, a fast read, pulling the reader head first (and sometimes kicking and screaming in this one) as Reacher in his usual super-heroic fashion,  performs deed of derring-do and foolishness by taking on anyone who gets in his way.

As usual, his descriptions of place are outstanding.

What was not as usual was that he couldn't quite convince me in this one.  Believe, I'm easy to convince concerning Reacher novels, but the plot in this one was just over-the-top.  Difficult to comprehend (it being a Reacher novel in which all of the plots are over-the-top) but sadly, I couldn't quite scale the heights here.

On the other hand, it moved fast, was suspenseful, and I wouldn't have dreamed of stepping away from it.  'Cause this old lady is committed to Reacher, up or down.

Fiction.  Action/Thriller.  2008.  407 pages.


  1. I am glad this one had it's good points even if you had a difficult time with it in spots. One of these days I really will get around to reading one of the Reacher books. :-)

  2. I love the fast-paced action in the Reacher novels. Lee Child is excellent at creating place and action!