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Friday, March 16, 2007

Break No Bones

Reichs, Kathy. Break No Bones. Another Temperance Brennan mystery. One thing I enjoy about Reichs' novels is that she takes events from the news and crafts a forensic mystery around them. In Cross Bones , which I discussed here, Reichs mentions the discovery of bones in a tomb in Jerusalem which might contain members of Jesus and the unexplained bones found on Masada during a dig in the 60's. In the last couple of weeks, the story about a similar tomb had made the news (recent news article about the tomb--you've probably read or heard of this --and to the Discovery Channel special) .

I can't really say much about what Dr. Brennan discovers in this latest mystery without giving spoilers. Not that you don't have a clue fairly early on...

I wrote this review the other day, but was interrupted and didn't realize I never published it.

Another note: Hate the lurid cover on this one. Some books attract or repel readers by the cover alone. I read this one because of the author, but the cover would not have attracted me at all.

Fiction. Forensic mystery. 2006. 337 pages.

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