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Sunday, March 25, 2007

O'Connor's Influences

I was going to use O'Connor's reading influences in tomorrow's post. However, Susan beat me to it, so go right here, right now and read which authors Flannery O'Connor read. (I still can't believe I almost included it in this evening's post and then found the exact section at Susan's --great minds?)


  1. Synchronicity is the universe trying to tell us something. With you and Susan reading Flannery O'Conner, I feel like I should start reading her too.

  2. Hee. I jumped up and ran to the computer as soon as I'd read those paragraphs. Before that, I thought I was going to quote the story of her mom chasing the mules off in the car (sounded like something my mother might have done).

  3. Orpheus - Join in! Sam found the letters, too.

    Susan - You must have run up those tower steps lickety-split to get your copy!

    Shoot! The mule story was another one I highlighted! We will have to be checking on each other before posting. I had started adding the reading influences, but it was so long, and I decided to wait. You saved me a lot of typing!

    Don't you love the way she talks about "Regina" - "the parent" - ? The amusement and love seem to be almost audible. How about Evlin Wow?

  4. Evlin Wow was great. It's all great. I'm so glad you whetted my appetite for this one.

    But I'm going to (sob!) set this one aside for a week or so. I need to concentrate on Jane Austen this week and the majorly fat Heyday.

    So post whatever quotes you want to and I'll pay attention and eventually fill in any of the ones you miss. :)

  5. I'm not reading the letters exclusively, either. Didn't expect to be quite so caught up in them but to pace the reading. I think, "I'll just read one letter. Maybe two." Then read several, brandishing the highlighter!

    Right now I'm pleased that Carl has his challenge in play as I love fantasy and fairy tales and have decided which one I'll read first--as soon as I finish the novel I'm working on.

  6. I have Wise Blood in my list of books for the Decades reading challenge - I never read her before, and now I'm seeing her all over the onlin book world! Synchronicity, indeed.

  7. teabird - I've just discovered your Knitting the Classics blog; I've had tea reads bookmarked for a while. But KC is fantastic; I loved Count Fosco's mouse! One of my all-time-favorite books is The Woman in White, I reread it this past fall with not a single second of disappointment.